Monthly Archives: February 2013

New Show and New Releases!

There’s a butt ton of new releases (YES, a ton of butts!!!) from last week. This one isn’t new but it feels new to me … Dog Days by Vince Kaichan The No Pants Dance NES Remix by TWRP vs … Continue reading

The Return of Hoodie

Hoodie returned this episode. Previously he was not able to join because driving from Austin, Tx back to Arkansas is a long ass drive. Check out the Lords of Thunder set from Magfest : Game Over Austin Here … “Sir … Continue reading

NickelEdge + 8 Beer X crew

I had originally intended on only having NickelEdge on the show. Then I wanted to know how the MAGFEST Austin show went so Rob came on. Then Major joined. Then Travis joined. 8 Bit Bukkake what? 8 Bit Church? Hoodie … Continue reading

8 Bit Power Hour + 8 Beer X = WIN

Last week 8BeerX and the 8 Bit Power Hour teamed up for one hell of a show! You need to download this one!