Monthly Archives: October 2013

10/28/2013 – Dedicated to Nerdapalooza

Nerdapalooza has unfortunately had to claim bankruptcy. This makes me very sad but I am also very happy for what Nerdapalooza has accomplished. My friends had fun and I had fun at Nerdapalooza. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have spent … Continue reading

10-7-13 An0va Interview, Ego Depletion Listening Party

An0va recently released Ego Depletion. We chatted about the album and played all the tracks from Ego Depletion. Get the show here… Tracklist Album Ego Depletion by an0va

9-30-13 Awesome Live TDK Track in this episode!

Mark TDK Knight recently played a show at Super Byte. He released a live recording of himself at Super Byte playing “Hoovering with a Hangover” that was released with ChipWin Vol 2. People liked him so much at Super Byte … Continue reading

9-16-2013 + Let’s Disinfect + Listening Party

We had a great time talking to Sean Monistat and Duchess Wendi about their trip to Ireland. Sean started writing the music for the album in Ireland. Séadchomharthai Ársa agus Caonach (I can’t say it either) is very good. A … Continue reading