9-16-2013 + Let’s Disinfect + Listening Party

We had a great time talking to Sean Monistat and Duchess Wendi about their trip to Ireland.
Sean started writing the music for the album in Ireland. Séadchomharthai Ársa agus Caonach (I can’t say it either) is very good. A mix between LSDJ awesomeness, Melodic Death Metal, and a little dance here and there makes this an album you need to take a listen to.

Get the episode here.

Download the album here.

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8-26-13 Obtuse’s Triumphant Return

I took a much needed break in August. I’ve been doing this show for nearly 2 years without taking breaks.

Get the show here …

Here is the track list…
8-26 Playlist

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3-25-13 Super Hero Tournament

Round 1 of the Super hero tournament kicked off on the 8 Bit Power Hour.
You can see the bracket here…

The Winners tonight … Captain America , The Flash, Aquaman, and Rogue. Next week … Captain America vs Rogue and The Flash vs Aquaman.

Get the audio here …

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3-25-13 – Sam Mulligan Interview

Sam Mulligan join us on the show and we had a nice long interview!

Get the Show Here:

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Feb 17 – SSD Engage Listening Party for Midwest Coast

February 17th we had an SSD Engage Listening Party for the album Midwest Coast. This album is solid from start to finish.
The Beginning of each track will capture you emotionally and make you keep listening.

Here is the album:

Check out this listening party Here:


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February 11 Show – Hoodie Headbutts Doors

On this regular episode of 8 Bit Power Hour we talked about how Hoodie likes to headbutt doors in the morning (not really) and other PAX Excitement. Chiptune Music was also played!


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New Show and New Releases!

There’s a butt ton of new releases (YES, a ton of butts!!!) from last week.

This one isn’t new but it feels new to me …

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The Return of Hoodie

Hoodie returned this episode. Previously he was not able to join because driving from Austin, Tx back to Arkansas is a long ass drive.

Check out the Lords of Thunder set from Magfest : Game Over Austin Here …

“Sir Hoodie, Knight of the Cherry Wheat fields”. I am amused every time I hear that.

Here is Last weeks episode….


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NickelEdge + 8 Beer X crew

I had originally intended on only having NickelEdge on the show. Then I wanted to know how the MAGFEST Austin show went so Rob came on. Then Major joined. Then Travis joined. 8 Bit Bukkake what? 8 Bit Church? Hoodie in a kilt?


Check out NickelEdge’s pictures from Magfest …


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8 Bit Power Hour + 8 Beer X = WIN

Last week 8BeerX and the 8 Bit Power Hour teamed up for one hell of a show! You need to download this one!


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